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Spa Etiquette and Cancellations

Booking Appointments

Please call (905)304-7771 to reserve your appointment, event, camp or party. A valid major credit card number may be required at the time of booking to confirm your reservation.

Booking two to three weeks in advance is recommended to secure your best choice of appointment dates and times particularly for SPA-arties!

Please arrive to the spa with all nail polish removed and appropriate foot wear should you be expecting a pedicure.

Please advise of relevant health conditions at the time of booking and when filling out your health form so that our Spa Care Experts can offer an experience tailored to your specific needs. (warts, flu like symptoms, colds, cold sores, hives etc.)

Minimum Age Requirements

Sugar & Spice Kids Spa welcomes youth of 2 years and older. No maximum in age! All ages from youth to 18 years of age should be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Health information is required from all guests regardless of age. (minimum ages are 5years old for camps)


48-hours notice is required to cancel or reschedule any services and 1 week cancellation notice for parties or events. Please understand that you will be charged 50% of each spa service, event or party if you change your appointment without the minimum notice, and we reserve the right to not refund or transfer your deposit to another date.

We do reserve the right to cancel your appointment if an online booking had been is booked with in 24-48 hours because of staffing in short notice.

NO SHOWs are not tolerated.  If you do not show up to appointment without notifying the spa in due time then we do reserve the right to not refund or transfer your deposit.  A new booking will need to be made and a new deposit paid to hold the new booking. 

Check In

Please check in at least 5 minutes prior to your first service to give yourself the necessary time to complete a universal consent form. This information is accessed only by your Spa Care Experts during your appointment, and is stored in a secure system, which is completely separate from our reservations information.

It is important that the health information you provide is complete and accurate. This information is confidential and is required.

To avoid disappointment, please be on time. If you are late, it will result in a shortened appointment or a rescheduled appointment with applicable charges.

If you require mobility assistance upon arrival, please notify us of this at the time of booking.



Please help us preserve a tranquil environment by lowering your voice and turning off your cell phone. For the privacy of our guests cell phones and cameras are not permitted in the Spa area.  However we do welcome that you take pictures of your own experience if you are able to limit the exposure to other guests.

Sugar & Spice is a smoke-free facility. According to bylaws, smoking is not permitted in the building, under the overhang at the front of the building, within 9 meters of the entrance.


Gift Cards

Sugar & Spice Kids Spa Gift Cards are available for purchase in the form of à la carte services, as Spa Packages, or as Dollar-Value Gift. An excellent way to reward and recognize someone special. Spa Gift Cards can be purchased at the spa, by telephone or online.

If you receive a Spa Gift Card for a package or service that you don’t want, you may use the dollar value of that Spa Gift Card towards any product or service you would like, however, Spa Gift Cards are non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash. Remainders on Spa Gift Cards can be applied purchase of the Spa retail products. Gift Cards issued for services and products are protected from price increases for six months from the date of issue. 


What to Bring and Wear

A robe, footwear and a secure space to store your belongings is provided.

If you are having a pedicure, we suggest that you bring open-toed shoes so your polish doesn’t smudge before it has an opportunity to harden. Polish can be dry, but takes 24 hours to cure. Sugar & Spice Kids Spa is not responsible for lost or misplaced items. Valuables are best left at home.

Please note that our staff will do their best to make the experience a memorable one, but once your mini leaves the spa we can not guarantee the care taken for the spa services received and will use our discretion on redoing any spa services once you leave the spa. Example: re-polish or re-loop n lock a hair extension etc.



We appreciate that the guests can be very excited upon arrival at the Spa and welcome their enjoyment and excitement.  We do caution that the spa can be a place where accidents can occur and would appreciate that our guests be mindful of the space and treat the equipment, staff and other guests with the utmost of respect and care.

  • No running in the spa                                     No jumping on the furniture

  • No climbing the furniture                               DANCING IS ALLOWED

  • No yelling or screaming UNLESS you are SINGING to the latest and greatest song!

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