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Camp Contract

Sibling(s) attending | If Yes, age complete the below

Please list the names of child and sibling(s) below


Spa Camp Activities and Schedule will begin promptly at the time indicated above. All activities are carefully planned and any child that arrives late may join the activity which is currently taking place. This is necessary to insure the least amount of disruption to the camp schedule. Understanding this policy is appreciated.

A camp spot is not booked until confirmation is given to the Spa Manager or Owner via email. Once you have given confirmation, your camp spot is officially booked! Please print out the provided contract, read it, sign it, and email the contract to us before/prior to the date of camp. We also carry extra contracts with us in case you were not able to print it out, so please feel free to contact us and request to have it mailed to you or make arrangements to pick up at the spa at your convenience prior to the scheduled date of camp. 


Please read the FAQ’s / Policies page carefully available on our website.

$35.00 fee for any returned check.

Balance can be paid by cheque, credit card, electronic transfer to

We appreciate that the remaining balance be paid before the camp date.

We appreciate it if campers please refrain from bringing any food due to current Health and Safety regulations.

**Please call five (5) days prior to the camp date to confirm number of campers attending** or we will have to use the headcount you have provided us already when we arranged the camp date(s).

Camp Contract:

Security Deposit & Gratuity:

We request that balance be paid by check, money order or electronic transfer to


As specified there will be a $35.00 fee for any returned check.  


The balance will be disclosed to you five (5) days before your event date as a reminder of the details of your camp dates and if any changes should be requested that would be the time to do so.

Balance paid is non-refundable but may be transferred to another date if approved by the Spa Owner or Spa Manager.


All camps are from 9am-11am and 2pm-4pm daily (unless otherwise stated).


Day of Camp:

We request you and your guests arrive no earlier than 10 mins before the camp is scheduled in order to get everyone settled and we may start the festivities promptly.

Late Pick Up:

We charge $10 each half hour that the camper is left after camp hours.


Camp may be scheduled up to 6-12 weeks but no later than five (5) days in advance of your desired camp date. We book very quickly and would hate for you to be disappointed!! Please note your email communication confirms and secures your camp reservation. The balance is due the day of your scheduled camp date upon arrival to our staff.

Cancellations, Rescheduling & Refunds:

We strive our best to work with you when rescheduling occurs’, however, it is based on availability. We must receive one week notice to reschedule your camp date assuming there is still availability. If you need to cancel your camp date for any reason we cannot refund your balance paid, as we begin preparations for your camper immediately upon booking your slot. We will gladly try to accommodate you to reschedule your camp day within 10 days from original camp date.  However, this would need to be approved by the Spa Owner.

We do not offer refunds or credits for guests who do not show up on the day of camp. Your balance will be applied towards the cost of the new scheduled camp date which must be held within 10 days of your original camp date. If you choose to cancel your camp day(s) for whatever reason, a refund will not be issued.

We will gladly work with you on choosing an alternative date based on availability within 10 days of the original camp date. In cases of bad weather, serious illness or other unforeseen emergencies, Sugar & Spice Kids Spa & Party Inc. reserves the right to reschedule your party.

RSVP Confirmation:

You will need to confirm your final camper count with Sugar & Spice Kids Spa & Party Inc. five (5) days prior the camp date. This will be the confirmation number Sugar & Spice Kids Spa & Party Inc. will use to plan your camp experience, and you will be charged accordingly. Once you have given a final head count by the fifth (5th) day prior to your booked camp date, you can only add additional children if needed to. You cannot delete any campers from the final head count you give five (5) days prior, because our staff prepares everything for the number you have already given. If you do not contact us five (5) days prior, then we will have to go by the headcount that you provided us with when you booked the camp date.

Siblings of Guests:

Our camp package covers the camper confirmed upon booking. We prepare our activities based on the final headcount provided to us five (5) days prior to the camp. In the event that additional children show up without our knowledge, additional fees will be incurred per child/sibling at a rate of $35 per additional camper .


Sugar & Spice Kids Spa & Party Inc., its owners, affiliates, and employees assume no responsibility or liability for accidents that may occur while on our premise. We assume no responsibility for allergies relating to food items, clothing, make-up, injuries to campers, or property damage that occur before, during or after the camp. As professionals, we can assure you we will provide a safe environment for our campers and will treat them and any of their belongings with great quality, care and respect.  As we expect from our campers as well.

All liability will lie strictly with the camper for any losses or damages. You are informed that we may be using yoghurt, oatmeal, honey, various fresh fruits and vegetables, oils and other skin products during your spa experience. You are responsible for making sure that each child has permission from the parent/guardians to use all of our products. If there is a child that must not come in contact with any of our products, makeup, nail polish, etc., you the parent/guardian are responsible in letting us know and are responsible in making sure that the child does not come in contact with the products. Please note that all service(s) performed are for entertainment purposes only. We will absolutely try to accommodate any allergies with advance notice as we do strive to make this experience as pleasant and memorable for all of our guests.


We understand accidents happen. However, the client will be held responsible for excessive damage sustained to costumes, and any property of Sugar & Spice Kids Spa & Party Inc. should an incident arise that is not within the scope of the event and spa etiquette.


Food and food ingredients:

Please refrain from bringing any food into the spa. Bottled water is permitted.

It is the responsibility of you and the parents of your guests to inform us a minimum of five (5) days prior to the event of any allergies.  We use various ingredients in our home-made spa treatments and crafts that include various food groups and oils. 

In order for you and your guests to enjoy the event we will strive to do our best to accommodate any allergies and will inform you if we feel we cannot.



We always encourage parents to take as many photos and recorded videos as possible. All our photos or video taken by our Company are the sole ownership of Sugar & Spice Kids Spa & Party Inc. and we may use them for promotional purposes on our website, print ads or publications. We always respect our client’s privacy and for this reason, your personal information will not be disclosed to third-parties.  Please advise if you or any of our guests are strictly against Sugar & Spice Kids Spa & Party Inc. taking video or photos for promotional purposes. 




Information such as staff names, planned activities, menus, and community resources is accessible to families within the Spa.  Daily contact between parent/guardian and spa staff may be supplemented by emails, calendars, and newsletters.


Families are invited to complete a camp survey at the end of the season to Sugar & Spice Kids Spa & Party Inc. in evaluating its staff and programs.  Parent/guardian concerns should be addressed to the Spa Owner at any time.


Arrival and Departure

Daily, a parent/guardian must sign in their child or children upon arrival and upon departure by providing signature and ID and secure password if required to the spa attendant. (Secure password is a password that you and your child will select and email to the spa owner before the camp date. Upon departure of the spa at any time during the day, the child and parent/guardian must provide the spa attendant with the password and they must agree before we may release the child). Please respect social-distancing and kindly wait outside if the reception is already occupied.

Clothing and Personal items

Children should be dressed in clothing suitable for physical activity and appropriate for the weather; overall comfort.  Parents/guardians are asked to provide a second set of labeled clothes for each child.  All personal items should be labelled with the child’s name.  The spa is not responsible for lost or misplaced items.

Personal electronic devices (e.g., cell phones, iPads, video games etc.) are restricted at camp, as they hinder social interactions and programs. Valuables should not be brought to camp. The spa is not responsible for loss of, or damage to, any valuables


Children exhibiting signs and symptoms of illness should remain home until they are well enough to participate in the camp program.

Should a child become ill during the day, the parent/guardian will be contacted to pick up their child. Spa Staff will provide the parent/guardian with information regarding when their child may return to camp, according to guidelines established by local public health authorities.

Parents/guardians are asked to report to staff any child’s absence.


If necessary, qualified staff will administer prescription medication to children, in accordance with provincial legislation.  This requires that the parent/guardian provide written medical authorization including the dosage and times/circumstances any medication is to be given.

Parent/guardian must provide medication in the original container/packaging, clearly labelled with the child’s name, name of the medication, dosage, the dates of purchase and expiry, and instructions for storage and administration of the medication. (A pharmacist can be asked to divide the dosage into two containers).

Parent/guardian must ensure that non-prescription medications are accompanied by a doctor’s note along with the above information.

Parent/guardian must directly hand medication to a staff member. Medication (including inhalers) is not to be left in child’s bag.

Spa staff will not administer expired medication. It will be returned to the parent/guardian.

Outdoor activity

Parent/guardian are expected to prepare their children for the weather by sending them to camp with appropriate clothing, sunscreen, and a refillable water bottle. All spa staff are expected to take precautions to protect children from extreme weather conditions.

Allergy awareness

Peanuts and tree nuts are not allowed at camp. Sugar & Spice Kids Spa & Party Inc. is an allergy aware environment.  While Sugar & Spice Kids Spa & Party Inc. strives to protect children with allergies, it cannot guarantee a nut-free environment. Parent/guardian should read labels to avoid bringing in any product containing nuts or known allergens.

Company Policies:

At any time that the camper(s) do not abide by our company's waiver, terms and agreements, we will no longer offer nor provide our services to you, all monies paid will result as a loss due to your actions, and/or the actions of your camper(s), and you will not be refunded. If your or your camper are found to be at fault for any damages and/or injuries to any Sugar & Spice Kids Spa & Party Inc. properties, employees, and other camper(s); you will be held financially reliable.


Services are not performed by licensed cosmetologist or estheticians, and are for Entertainment Purposes only.


We thank you for choosing Sugar & Spice Kids Spa & Party Inc., for your Camp Day! We look forward to serving you today and for many more special events for years to come!

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