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Parent Information

Has your child been invited to the Sweetest birthday party venue ever?  Do you have some questions about their visit?  See below for some commonly asked questions we’ve received from our Sweet and Spicy friends! 


Can we bring food to the spa for a party?\

Outside food or drink are not permitted in the spa. Inquire for our acceptable food options.

Are masks mandatory?

We are following the guidelines and by-laws set by Health Canada, therefore masks are no longer mandatory for guests.  However, it is your choice if you prefer to still wear your mask. 

How can I pay my deposit?

Deposits can be paid via e-transfer to or credit card over the phone.

How many adults can attend a party?

We ask for one adult to be present during the party in the spa area. We can allow up to 1-2 adults to wait in the reception area if needed. That is our maximum depending on party size. Every guest must have a parent signed waiver.

Can we fill out the waiver forms in person instead of bringing them ?

We have printed waivers in the reception for your convenience to fill-out upon arrival. 

Spa product ingredients 

We take your child’s safety very seriously. Our high quality products are the same ones we use on our own children, and we are proud to offer these safe options. 

We are currently working on compiling an ingredient list for our parents and guardians to view that will let you know what is in every product we make …including our secret sweet and spicy ingredient that makes our personalized product so special. 

If there are any questions or a product not listed do not hesitate to inquire 


If your child has an allergy, please contact the parent hosting the party or our Sugar and Spice directly to let them know. Also, please review the ingredients list above. We can make alternatives for your child if they have an allergy to any of our product ingredients! 

If you choose the ALL INCLUSIVE party option which includes food– Cupcakes served must be peanut-free and pizza is catered from a local pizza place. Contact us for details. Please contact the parent hosting the party in regards to food offering options. We are very sensitive to children with allergies and are happy to allow parents to bring in their own food for allergic children. 

Healthy spa environment 

We will not provide services to guests with communicable diseases (i.e. lice and warts). Please do not bring your child to the spa if he or she is visibly sick, or has a fever. 


All of our spa utensils are disposable, single-use products. We use hospital-grade disinfectants for the cleaning of our spas. We also work in conjunction with the Regional Health Departments to ensure our spas are up to all standards. 


We recommend children bring their own flip flops depending on the event (for instance camps, special events and PA Days) and light clothing as they will be wearing a robe on top while enjoying our services. We also recommend guests wear pants or tights that do not cover the feet as they will have to remove them if they are doing a pedicure service. 

Nail polish 

We kindly ask that you remove all existing nail polish from your nails. For the safety of your kids, we try to minimize the use of harmful chemicals in our facility as much as possible (except for cleaning and sanitizing purposes). As such, if you or your child has gel, Shellac or acrylic nails, we will not be able to remove it. Harsh chemicals are required to remove these types of nail polish, which can be hazardous to a child's health, and we prefer not to bring it into our facility. In these instances, we will try our best to paint on top of your existing nail polish. We can only remove regular nail polish.


We are not aestheticians

We are memory makers and experience creators! While we work super hard to create the perfect experience and bonding time between you and your cherished ones, we cannot achieve perfectly polished 'adult' nails as we do not have any trained aestheticians on staff. Please read the important notes for each of the packages offered very carefully before booking any package when looking to experience the spa with your mini, to ensure it is the right fit for you. Join us for the special moments!  

Do you offer gender neutral


Don't like something in this package? Not to worry. We have lots of gender neutral options and other substitutes available. Please contact us for details.  

Party and event booking disclaimer

**any online trouble with online booking please contact the spa for support** 

Upon booking your party online. You will receive an email confirmation with contract to fill in. Upon booking online you agree to the following terms and conditions. Sugar and Spice Policy

1) Final numbers for your event are due 5 days prior to the event date. You will be charged based on the number of attendees you confirmed. As we prepare appropriate staff and supplies for your event.

2) Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your event NO EARLIER



5) Maximum of 2 parents are allowed at the event unless approved by Sugar and Spice staff. This is a drop off party due to the spacing and nature of our activities. Please have your adult or family celebrations at home following your event. The opening of GIFTS is also to be done offsite as we cannot be held liable for missing gifts and there is not enough time in your party booking to accommodate this. We kindly ask that you bring all gifts home with you.

6) Please ensure parents pick up tweens on time at the end of the event. We are unable to accommodate early or late arrivals.

7) Extended time for your event is an available option with an added cost per hour, depending on IF we already have given prior commitments to other patrons. Should your party arrive late and finish late you will be charged $75.00 per half hour that you go over your allotted time.

8) We will not service any child with warts, lice, skin allergies or virus.

9) We require a $100.00 Deposit upon booking in order to secure your requested date and time. Any cancellations within 5 days of your party will be charged an additional $150.00 cancellation fee. Party deposits are NON REFUNDABLE AND NON TRANSFERABLE unless agreed to by Sugar and Spice management. *Taxes not included

10) The Policy Page has been read and understood.

11) We have the right to cancel any event due to circumstances beyond our control.

12) Sugar and Spice Kids Spa and Party, its directors, officers, employees and agents are not responsible for any accidents, reactions or other maladies relating to allergies, clothing, make-up, esthetic services, property damage, loss of property or personal injuries. I agree to release, discharge, to indemnify and save harmless the Sugar and Spice Kids Spa and Party from and against all claims or proceedings in respect of any costs, losses, damage, or injury.

13) If you have chosen the NO FOOD option for your party. You will be allotted time to either take pics throughout the spa or you can bring in your own NUT FREE CUPCAKES for the HAPPY BIRTHDAY SING-A-LONG. If you choose the NO FOOD option and decide to bring in your own cupcakes the guests are not permitted to consume them onsite, but rather be offered take-a-way containers as your THANK YOU and they may be consumed at home. Additional fees will apply should you require any of our materials. Please note we do not have food storage areas available. Your cupcakes should be ready to serve for the closing of your party.

***We will contact you within 48 hours of booking this online to re-confirm your date and time.***

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