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Offering your minis the best that we possibly can we are proud to launch, Pur-licious by Sugar & Spice. We present you our handcrafted products made with care for you and your sweet and spicy minis in mind! Using only the most delicate ingredients that are free from harsh and harmful chemicals such as SLS, SLES, Parabens, and Phthalates. We also pride ourselves in using as many biodegradable, food grade and natural ingredients as we possibly can in creating our products. We do not test our products on animals and we do not use animals and animal by products as ingredients.


Secret be told; the introduction of this product line has always been a goal for us at Sugar & Spice. Lucky for us, the grand opening of our spa 1 year ago in July; kept us busy in perfecting our business model and having fun getting to know our community, catering to all of the BeUtiful kids and tweens that visited us for parties, events, camps and services!  

Now with COVID19 invading our wonderful communities, we have taken this time to focus on expanding our brand. Our passion is the health and wellness of our family and friends and we brining this to you through our spa. 

This is an exciting new chapter for us and we look forward to having our community embrace this line as we use it in the spa during services and in our retail.


No need to stress about ingredients you  have never heard of before. Our ingredients are not only natural but easy enough for every child to pronounce by themselves.  

Check out our online store to get a hold of our FEATURED PRODUCTS

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